The coffee campaign is launched!


      Coffee at Uppsala University is far too expensive. We at Uppsala Student Union want to change that. To do so, we are launching a campaign in November to demonstrate the dissatisfaction that exists among students and how to show how expensive coffee prices are at Uppsala University.

      The coffee campaign is based on a survey Uppsala Student Union conducted in the autumn. Through our research, we have found that an average cup of brewed coffee is more expensive at Uppsala University than at the University of Gothenburg, Lund University, Malmö University, Stockholm University or Umeå University. The difference in price is significant. An average cup at the Stockholm University campus is more than four kronor cheaper than it is at Uppsala University. Furthermore, none of the cafés at Uppsala University can compete with the best cafés at the universities surveyed in terms of price.

      Our campaign is based on a combination of information, advocacy and dialogue with relevant parties at Uppsala University. In conjunction with the release of this press release on 7 November, we are also launching an information portal where you can read about our survey, understand our demands and sign our petition. We will also be touring the campuses of Uppsala University where we represent students. Central to the campaign work is to conduct a petition with signatures from students on relevant campuses and recruit members to strengthen the political work of Uppsala Student Union.

      The demands we make of the campus cafés at Uppsala University are reduced prices or proper student discounts. The campus is the students' workplace and we must reasonably be able to use the restaurants and cafés housed in the university premises without breaking an already strained student budget. We can't do that at the moment. Prices must be adjusted to suit students. Cheaper coffee would be a good first step.

      In addition, together with Uppsala University, we want to build a stronger collaboration around the procurement and evaluation of café operations. Our basic demand is that student-friendly prices should become a priority for the university's work on building 'an integrated education and research environment' - which is part of the university's goals and strategies. To refer to the same letter on Uppsala University's objectives, it is difficult for us students to create 'a rich environment for education and knowledge' when we become poor just by buying some coffee.

      To read more about the campaign and sign our petition go to:

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