Klara van Blaricum
Hannah Wahlbeck
Member Coordinator
Responsible for membership issues and Union Associations. Please contact me with questions related to these areas.
Martin Edström
Faculty Coordinator
Works with quality assurance and monitoring of education at the University as well as training and coordination of student representatives. Responsible for the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.
Maja Lundquist
Responsible for external communication, marketing, web design and web development.
Nicklas Fredriksson
Moa Inge
Student and PHD student representatives
Offers support and advice to students and doctoral students with problems during their studies. Please contact me if you need support.
018 - 480 31 32
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Martin Carlfjord
Political Secretary
Responsible for the implementation of the political work of the Union. Feel free to contact me with questions and thoughts about student politics and the work of the union in this area!
Lovisa Sjöström Johansson
Editor-in-Chief of Ergo
Editor-in-chief and responsible publisher of the Uppsala Student Union's magazine Ergo. Please contact me if you have news tips, want to write an opinion piece or otherwise want to contribute to the magazine.
Laila Abdi
Operations Manager Studentboet
Feel free to contact me with questions regarding student housing in Uppsala. Studentboet also helps with free legal advice regarding housing issues.
Klara Fröberg
Faculty Coordinator
Arbetar med kvalitetssäkring och bevakning av utbildningen vid universitetet samt utbildning och samordning av studentrepresentanter. Ansvarar för Historisk-filosofiska fakulteten, Språkvetenskapliga fakulteten, Teologiska fakulteten och Fakulteten för Utbildningsvetenskaper. Kontakta mig gärna vid frågor rörande dessa områden.
Karin Westerholm Bergström
Responsible for student and member services at the Uppsala Student Union reception. Please contact me if you have any questions about e.g. student union and nation membership, the student card, personal loans and Norredatorp.
Jan Karlsson
Supervisor Norreda torp
Maintains and inspects Norreda Torp.
Emma Tapper
Journalist på Ergo
Kontakta mig gärna om du har tips på nyheter eller innehåll till tidningen.