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Uppsala Student Union is a membership organisation representing students at Uppsala University. the union is governed by students and works to make your study time as good as possible.

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Left panel, a pack of tampons. Right panel, University House.

Summary: Menswear on campus

On March 8, 2023, Uppsala Student Union submitted a letter to Uppsala University recommending a pilot project with free menstrual protection. This blog post summarizes the letter, the short debate that followed in Upsala Nya Tidning and our plans for the future.

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Left: Topias Tolonen, Chair of the Doctoral Committee. Right: Anton Sánchez Sulejmani, Chair Uppsala Student Union.

Statement on the government's decision on the boards of higher education institutions

Uppsala Student Union and the Doctoral Board at Uppsala University are writing to urge the government to reverse its decision to increase political control over university boards. The government must restore the term of office to three years and make it clear that they intend to return to the system where daily political issues do not control the selection of university board members. Academic freedom requires freedom from political control as well as trust between academia and those in power. The measures now decided by the government threaten both of these values.

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Uppsala Student Union

AI and cheating: classroom exams cannot be seen as a substitute for home exams

Since the launch of the Chat GPT, the issue of AI and cheating has been on the university agenda. Particularly in the humanities and social sciences, where take-home exams are common, discussions have begun about replacing take-home exams with classroom exams. In some departments and programs this has already become a reality and is expected to become so in others. Uppsala Student Union is concerned about this development. Uppsala University should handle the situation carefully and not make hasty decisions that drastically change education.

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A membership in the union is a matter of course during your studies!

Support & Advocacy

We have two faculty coordinators and two student and doctoral student representatives. Among other duties, these are there to help you as a student with all questions and assistance regarding your studies.

Student Representation

Student representation exists to give students a say in their own education. A student representative represents the students' views wherever decisions are made or prepared at the university that affect the students' education or situation.


Uppsala Student Union is constantly working to improve conditions for all students studying at Uppsala University. For example, we have pushed for decisions on anonymisation in exams and that the University cannot force students to turn on a webcam.

Local discounts

Being a member of Uppsala Student Union means you get access to a host of local member discounts. We cooperate with Studentkortet and Campus 1477, but also with many smaller companies in Uppsala.

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Get involved in the union!

There are lots of different ways you can get involved in the union. Our main task is to appoint student representatives, for example. There are hundreds of student representative positions at Uppsala University and it is an extremely rewarding job. In addition to that, we also have a dozen positions of trust at Uppsala Student Union, we have everything from Club Champions to member positions. Read more by clicking below!

Become a student representative!

Uppsala Student Union appoints around 550 student representatives each year to various bodies where decisions about your education are made.

Get involved in the union!

There are a variety of ways to get involved in the union. Some missions are short, others are long. Many of our missions are paid.

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Union Associations

Another way to get involved is to join one of our Union Associations! Or why not create your own?

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Create your own Union Association

Do you have an idea for a new Union Association? Read more about how we can support you!

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