The Society of Social Scientists

An inclusive association, for all consciences.

Samhällsvetarna Uppsala is an association association for students, by students at Uppsala University. The association's activities are conducted with a focus on leisure; to create a pleasant and unforgettable life during the study period for our members through various activities and events. The association is also active in education and members' future, through mentoring, lectures, alumni activities and networking and contact making. In this way, we want to ensure that our members can be helped both with their studies and to make rewarding contacts for the future.

We are a young and growing association that started in 2007, and we are constantly working to evolve as association and to always be present for our members. We pride ourselves on being a association where our members feel a strong sense of community; where everyone gets along regardless of age, terms completed, appearance or background. These values permeate all of the association's work.