Frequently asked questions

How do I get the Student Card?

To get the Student Card (or the Student Card logo on the union/nation card) you must be an active student (i.e. registered for courses or as a doctoral student).

How does the student card work?

At Uppsala University, the Student Card is used not only as a discount card but also as a membership card for student unions and nations. When signing up for membership in a union/nation, the Student Card is usually ordered for the next day. You will have access to the card digitally via the Student Card app (STUK) and can also order a physical plastic card yourself if you want one.

If you are not a member of a union or nation, you will need to apply for the card yourself directly via the Student Card Customer Service. NOTE! Members of a union or nation who are not currently active students (i.e. not registered for courses or graduate students) will not receive a Student Card but only a membership card. You can also find this card in the Student Card app (STUK). Become a member of the union/nation at

Regarding travel discounts:
Travel discounts with SL/UL are given to students with a study load of at least 75%. I.e. you must be a full-time programme student or enrolled in stand-alone courses totalling at least 22.5 credits/semester. For doctoral students, it is required to have a registered study activity of at least 75% in the previous or current semester. NB! For travel with SL and UL, no other proof of study is valid than the Student Card (digital or physical) or the Mecenat Card. If you don't have either yet, don't buy a student ticket, or you could be fined.

Why do I receive a tuition bill when I have already paid via

An invoice is automatically sent out at the beginning of each semester to all those who were members the previous semester. You can then choose to pay it by bank transfer with the OCR number on the bill or by making a direct payment at If you have already paid when the bill arrives, just ignore it.

How do I change my address?

For active students, we receive new addresses from Uppsala University/Ladok, which in turn retrieves the data from the Swedish Tax Agency. Check your address in Ladok. Members who are not currently active students report their new address directly to the union or nation.

Where can I buy guest cards for the nations?

Guest cards are issued by the Curators' Convention and the nations, not by Uppsala Student Union. However, the Curators' Convention's guest card office is located in the Student Union building at Övre Slottsgatan 7 with its own opening hours.

I haven't got the eduPrint, can I still print it?

The Uppsala Student Union's reception has computers and printers that you can use free of charge if you are a member of the union.