What is a Union Association?

By being Union Association , the association is linked to Uppsala Student Union, which basically means that associations and Uppsala Student Union cooperate with each other. A Union Association is able to receive support from Uppsala Student Union by being able to apply for financial grants and by being able to access resources in terms of training and marketing. At the same time, the union associations shall endeavour to ensure that their members are members of Uppsala Student Union and comply with the regulations of Union Associations.

Union Associations can be linked to the union centrally, but also to one of Uppsala Student Union's sections; Humanities Section, Medical Section, Social Sciences Section or Learning Section.

As Union Association you will have access to the following:

  • Possibility to apply for a financial contribution from Uppsala Student Union
  • Access to training in e.g. meeting techniques, conflict management, sustainable engagement, norm criticism etc.
  • Visibility on the Uppsala Student Union website
  • Opportunity to post posters on Uppsala Student Union notice boards around the university campus
  • Free use of Uppsala Student Union premises
You can create your own Union Association, or you can join an already established association.
Re-register a Union AssociationCreate Union AssociationThe union regulationsApply for a grant (central Union Associations)

Union Associations

Another way to get involved is to join one of our Union Associations! Or why not create your own?

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