The union elections

Uppsala Student Union is a democratic membership organisation where the Council is the highest decision-making body. The composition of the council, and thus the decisions it takes, is determined by the union elections. To vote in the union elections, you must be a member of Uppsala Student Union. The deadline for becoming a member to be eligible to vote in the union elections was 31 March.

Union parties 2023

The following union parties have registered and are participating in the 2023 union elections. Click to read more about a party and their activities.

No items found.

Voting in the union elections

For the year 2023, the elections will take place between 3-21 April. But the union parties usually start their campaigns much earlier.

Anyone who is a member of Uppsala Student Union can vote in the union elections. All you need is a valid email address.

Please note that you must have paid your spring term membership by 31 March to vote. Voting is digital and you can vote from your computer or mobile and it takes less than a minute. Everyone who is eligible to vote will receive an email with a link to the poll the day voting opens on April 3, then you have until April 21 to cast your vote.

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