Faculty Coordinator

Are you a student at undergraduate or graduate level? Then it is good to know the two faculty coordinators. The faculty coordinators work with the student union's student monitoring activities, which means that they deal with issues related to the quality of education and student involvement.

The Faculty Coordinators are responsible for the work with student representatives at Uppsala Student Union, and can therefore help you who want to get involved in student involvement to find an interesting student representative position. Once you have been elected as a student representative, you will be invited to a basic student representative training and student representative council held by the faculty coordinators. In addition, the Faculty Coordinators monitor education at the University and can act as a support for students who want to influence their education, both by being contact persons for student representatives and by supporting and advising students who want to pursue educational issues.

Our faculty coordinators

We have two faculty coordinators at Uppsala Student Union. They share the work between the faculties.

Portrait of klara
Klara Fröberg
Faculty Coordinator

Arbetar med kvalitetssäkring och bevakning av utbildningen vid universitetet samt utbildning och samordning av studentrepresentanter. Ansvarar för Historisk-filosofiska fakulteten, Språkvetenskapliga fakulteten, Teologiska fakulteten och Fakulteten för Utbildningsvetenskaper. Kontakta mig gärna vid frågor rörande dessa områden.

porträtt på Martin Edström
Martin Edström
Faculty Coordinator

Works with quality assurance and monitoring of education at the University as well as training and coordination of student representatives. Responsible for the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.