Uppsala Student Union debating cancelkultur

Minister of Education Mats Persson. Photo: Johannes Frandsen/Government Offices

Today, Uppsala Student Union President Anton Sánchez Sulejmani published an article in Altinget. The article challenges Minister of Education Mats Persson to define what he really means by cancelkultur and calls on him to rethink his planned education on cancelkultur. Of course, we appreciate Persson's commitment to a university with high ceilings and free and respectful exchanges of opinion. What we do not appreciate is Persson's approach of portraying identity politics as the obstacle to such discussions. The full debate article can be read here: "Who is really being cancelled, Mats Persson?".

We also summarise the background and elaborate on some of the points we make in the opinion piece in the following twitter thread:

Help us get the attention of the Minister of Education so that we can get an answer to our questions and a response to our demand for better education by spreading our opinion piece and retweeting our tweets!

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