Training in Uppsala University Economics for students

Uppsala Student Union invites you to an education on Uppsala University's economy.

The University's finances are discussed in many contexts, especially when it comes to the annual budget work of the University's boards, committees and bodies. The economy affects everything the University does, so it is important to understand how the economy works, what all the concepts mean and how everything is connected.

The training will be held by Uppsala University's controller, who knows how everything works and will primarily focus on the following: where does the money come from? How is the money distributed within the university? What do the concepts used when discussing the budget mean? How does the division between research and education work? And how does it all fit together?

After the review of Uppsala University, Uppsala Student Union will talk about which parts of the budget are particularly important to keep an eye on for student representatives, and how budget deficits can affect the quality of education, e.g. by reducing teaching time or cutting back on facilities.

The training is aimed primarily at student representatives, but also at other interested students who want to learn more about how it works. Because by understanding the university's finances, we can have a real impact on education.

Location: the English Park, Youralen

Time: 17.15-19.00

Date: 2022-10-18

Language: Swedish

Registration: no later than 14 October, using the following form:

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