Statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine

The words "Students against Putin" written on a Ukrainian flag.

Today marks one year since Russia's latest invasion of Ukraine. A war that was predicted to be short has dragged on into a year of brutality, grief and resistance. The Ukrainian people have not been cowed but the price has been steep and is rising day by day. 

As a student union, we tend to look out for the students, both those we represent and those around the world who share our occupation. When it comes to the war in Ukraine, our solidarity extends to the entire Ukrainian people. The war must end. Russia must withdraw every soldier from Ukrainian soil as well as any claim on Ukrainian territory.

For Ukrainian students, an education is a link to a future beyond today's war. Our thoughts are with every person who continued their studies through the invasion aswell as every person who was forced to put them aside. We wish nothing more and nothing less than for you to continue your studies in peacetime and safety. 

Sweden can do more to support Ukraine's struggle. More can also be done to support the Ukrainian students who have come to Sweden. We know that the application process is difficult for those who have hastily relocated to Sweden. We also know that it is difficult to afford life in Sweden for Ukrainian students and even more difficult to get housing in our student cities.

We therefore hope that those in power who express solidarity with Ukraine on the occasion of the anniversary will also see how simple solidarity measures for Ukrainian students would go a long way to keeping the link to a future beyond the Russian invasion alive.

Uppsala University showed an example of such solidarity by establishing 20 scholarships of 150 000 SEK each for researchers from Ukraine in 2022 and renewing its commitment for 2023. As a student union, we are happy about this important effort and wish the Ukrainian researchers who have come here success in their research projects.

While the war is decided on the battlefield and in geopolitics struggles, the future of Ukraine depends on the solidarity we show to the Ukrainian people. The efforts we make to support Ukraine and its people are crucial for them to rebuild a democratic and prosperous society after Putin and his terror are a thing of the past.

With these words, Uppsala Student Union invites all Uppsala students to join the non-partisan demonstration that will take place today outside University Hall, at 16:00. Together we show that Uppsala's students stand united against Putin. 

Down with the tyrant! Peace for Ukraine!

More information about the demonstration can be found here: Students against Putin 2023‍

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