The Learning Section is part of Uppsala Student Union and represents all students studying at the Faculty of Education at Uppsala University, including students studying pedagogy, didactics, educational studies or any of the teacher education programmes.

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We are located at Blåsenhus, but have students in other departments on other campuses as well, as many student teachers are on several different campuses and departments during their education.

Our mission

The Learning Section is primarily engaged in advocacy work aimed at improving the quality of teacher education. This work is based on you as a student and what you want to change or preserve about your education. In addition to advocacy work, Lära, with the help of its committees and associations, also organises activities of various kinds to make your study time as good as possible. If you want to get involved in making your and others' study time the best it can be - get in touch!

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Student representation and work environment management are the main activities of the section. As a student representative, you are the voice of the student towards the University and an active member of the body you are part of. You have the right to attend, speak, propose and vote and are a full member and an important part of ensuring the quality of education. At the union there are faculty coordinators who work full-time to support students in their education, if they have questions or encounter problems. The Faculty Coordinator also works to promote student views within the University to improve our education and is the student representatives' closest contact at the union. If you have concerns about your education or wonder how you can get involved to improve it, don't hesitate to get in touch! You can find the Faculty Coordinator at Uppsala Student Union.

Contact Faculty Coordinator Klara Fröberg at

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