Teacher time from a student perspective - report release

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Report release

Uppsala Student Union proudly presents the report Teacher-led time from a student perspective - A follow-up and survey of the proportion of teacher-led teaching in education at six faculties at Uppsala University.

How we went about it

By analysing the schedules of some ninety courses, we have examined the teaching time of the faculties with which Uppsala Student Union works. The results of the survey show that the majority of faculties (4 out of 6) have less than five hours of teaching time per week. The Social Sciences, Education, Theology, Linguistics and faculty of arts have an average of 4.75 hours of teaching time per week. Programmes in the Faculty of Medicine tend to have more teaching time than the remaining faculties.


Uppsala Student Union believes that an adequate amount of teaching time must be provided for students to be able to absorb the training. There should be a consensus within the institution that all courses should offer basic interaction with a teacher to promote learning and provide a good introduction to university-level studies. Therefore, Uppsala Student Union wants all students to be offered at least ten hours of teacher-led learning per week.

On 31 March, at 12:15-12:45, Uppsala Student Union will organise a panel discussion on the issue at the same time as we present the report.

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